Special Events


Tie-dye Tuesday's - Bring a 100 percent cotton T-shirt (or other cotton item) to Tie-dye!

Yoga with Vicki Sylvester - Every Tuesday join Miss Vicki to practice Yoga and Mindfulness. All tents will be offered an opportunity to participate.

Bombardment Wednesdays - Every Wednesday there is a camp wide bombardment Tournament. Winners get Rita's water ice and bragging rights for the week!

Cook-out Thursday's - We’ll fire up the grill and make something good to eat. Hot-dogs or pre-cooked burgers are the best. Don't forget your s'more supplies.

Theater Friday's - Every Friday a few Tent's of Campers will put on a show for the rest of us at 2pm! On the first Friday of every season each tent will sing a song in lieu of any plays that week.

We are always looking for parents with special skills or talents to help with Special Events for our Campers. We welcome any help and/or ideas for Camp. Please don’t be shy. Please contact Cathy Bodo with event ideas at:

E-mail: catobodo5@gmail.com

Phone: (610) 935-0126