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COVID-19 Update

After much consideration, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close Miss Betty's for the 2020 season. Refunds will be made to all families as quickly as possible.

We feel it would be reckless to continue operation if that means risking the health and well being of our campers and staff. Additionally, we have determined that the parameters under which we would have to operate would diminish the quality of the Miss Betty's "experience." We would no longer be able to uphold the standards and quality of service and freedom Miss Betty's has been known for and what camp families have come to love. Our decision was also based on input from a variety of local, state, and federal government resources and officials.

Despite this setback for 2020, rest assured that Miss Betty's will continue to operate for years to come. The Camp Board will continue to meet to determine how we will continue operating in the following seasons in order to adapt to whatever the "new normal" might be. We hope everyone is able to stay healthy, happy, and safe and we will be in touch in the months to come. Thank you for our understanding.

Pickering Grove Park
Route 113 (between Yellow Springs and Pikeland Road)
Chester Springs, PA 19425

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Miss Betty’s Camp is grateful to West Pikeland Township for leasing us the Pickering Grove Park and to French And Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust for holding the Easement on the property.