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ATTENTION!!!! We will be postponing our Work Party from Saturday(6/2) to Sunday(6/3) from 12-4. Please note the Sunday hours are different than the Saturday hours. We are very sorry to have to implement the Rain Date. We understand everyone is very busy and that this is an inconvenience. After carefully comparing Saturday’s forecast with Sunday’s forecast it just seems like the prudent thing to do. We recognize your commitment to MBDC and your desire to attend our work party; but completely understand if you are not able to attend!

If you have signed up for a job on Sign Up Genius and can’t make it Sunday consider deleting your name! If you can’t, that’s ok too!

Thank you so much for you patience and participation!

Sunshine and fresh air. Freedom to explore art and nature. Swimming in a clear, cool creek. Fun and games with friends or relaxing in the shade of centuries-old trees.

Pickering Grove Park
Route 113 (between Yellow Springs and Pikeland Road)
Chester Springs, PA 19425

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Miss Betty’s Camp is grateful to West Pikeland Township for leasing us the Pickering Grove Park and to French And Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust for holding the Easement on the property.