Opening Information (If you are a registered family, and did NOT receive this message as an email, please email director@missbettysdaycamp.org).

Dear Camp Families,

The first day of camp is almost here! We are excited to welcome your children to camp this summer. Our priority is to have a very fun and safe summer. Please help us by sharing the camp rules with your camper, following the directions for drop off and pick up, packing appropriately, and staying home if you are sick.

Please feel free to ask any questions. Thank you!

1. Camp Rules


More specific rules are attached, and we expect you to go over them with your camper before the first day of camp. But all of them come down to treating one another with respect.

Campers must treat one another, and any animals and camp property, with respect. Campers are expected to be kind in their actions towards others, follow directions in order to be safe, and be responsible for their belongings. Leaving the camp property without permission, bringing weapons, or engaging in physical or verbal abuse of a camper or staff will be grounds for dismissal.

2. Pick Up/Drop Off

Drop off is from 8:45AM to 9:00 AM. Pick up is from 2:45 PM to 3:00PM.

During pick up and drop off a police officer will be directing traffic on Rt. 113. Counselors will be directing traffic in the lot. Please make sure to follow the police and counselor instructions carefully. ABSOLUTELY NO CELLPHONE USE IN THE PARKING LOT - We need you paying attention!

As you pull into the parking lot one of our counselors will direct you to a lane of traffic. Please make sure you are leaving as little room as possible between your car and the next so we can fit as many cars into the lot as possible.

Remain in your vehicle at all times as things need to move fluidly in the lot. If you must park you can pull into the grass lot on the right side of the parking area when pulling in. (Anybody with medication should park and go over medication with Allegra on the campers first day).

At Pickup our goal is to get campers to their cars as quickly and safely as possible. Please make sure they know who will be picking them up, as we rely on the campers to be able to identify the vehicle that is picking them up that day. We recommend holding up a large piece of paper with your camper's name and group printed on it in large letters (e.g. Matt Felton: 3rd Grade Boys) so that we can be efficient. If it is not the parent picking up then Allegra needs a written note (preferred) or a text message (415-713-6343) from the parent/guardian. Parking helpers will be signaling to parents when it is safe to let your campers out of the vehicles during drop off, and when they will be moving to vehicles during pick-up. Once campers are loaded the Parking Person may signal you with a thumbs up. If you have all of your campers loaded into your car and are ready to pull out you will signal back with another thumbs up. If you do not have all of your campers loaded into your vehicle you will signal back with a thumbs down. In either case, if the Parking Person signals for you to pull your car up please pull up until s/he signals you to stop.

When pulling out of the lot you must follow the police directions. Use your turn signal! The cooperation of the local police is something we are very lucky to have and we would like to make sure we are doing our best to continue that positive relationship.

In case of thunderstorms we will dismiss campers from the clay barn. In this case counselors will be in the parking lot to help instruct you on where to go to pick up your campers.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience during pick up and drop off. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE DURING PICK-UP/DROP-OFF.

3. What to Bring:

Everyday the campers need to bring: Lunch. Water. (A LARGE thermos is recommended. We need to be hydrated! Please label your water bottle. Please no single-use plastic). Closed-toe shoes (old sneakers are the best). No flip-flops or slides. Shoes should be able to get wet. Bathing suit (recommend coming with it on - there is no good place to change) and towel if they plan on getting in the creek.
Sunscreen (must be labeled with child’s name). Fishing rod if camper wants to fish. LABEL everything.

Do NOT bring: Anything of value that you do not want to lose. Electronics. Weapons of any kind. No pen knives.

4. Sunscreen, Bug Spray & Ticks

We cannot apply sunscreen or bug spray to your camper, although we can remind and assist. Please apply sunscreen and bug spray before getting in your car to come to camp so that your child is ready to hop out of the car and be ready for the day. Send sunscreen (labeled with their name) in their backpack so that they can apply it when reminded.

Ticks are always present. Make sure to check your campers for ticks when they get home.

5. Medications & Allergies

Any camper with a medical condition, including mental health, should bring their printed medical form with them on their first day of camp. If there are medical concerns or medications, including inhalers, please PARK and have an adult go over these with Allegra on the campers first day. All medication needs to be clearly labeled with child’s name, date of birth, and tent.

Every family should make sure that their emergency contact and medical information has been updated on the website THIS YEAR.

6. Weekly Activities

Tie Dye Tuesday: Each camper will receive one Miss Betty's shirt for the season but please feel free to bring any additional white cotton articles such as extra shirts, pillowcases, socks, etc. to Tie Dye.

Yoga: Every Tuesday at 12PM we offer Yoga with the fabulous Miss Vicki! Your head counselor will ask those who are interested to sign-up Tuesday mornings.

Wednesday Bombardment Tournament: Every Wednesday we hold a bombardment tournament at camp. The winning team will receive Rita's Water Ice the following day. Counselors will sign up interested campers on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning and teams are made up of mixed ages.

Thursday Cookout: Thursdays are Cookout Day. Campers are encouraged to bring something to cook on the grill on Thursday, and we eat together on the lawn. Hot dogs and s'mores work the best. If bringing burgers, they must be pre-cooked. We cannot have raw meat as we do not have refrigeration and it takes a long time to cook properly.

Theater on Fridays at 2pm: Every Friday at 2pm we have Theater. Parents are encouraged to attend their child’s performance. Every tent will perform a song for Week 1 (June 24th). Each tent will be assigned a subsequent week for their Play. Your child’s counselor will tell you what week they are scheduled for their play, and I will email the schedule when it is determined. If you are interested in attending to watch your camper perform please DO NOT park in the stone parking lot. You may park your car in the upper grass parking lot (where all of the counselors' vehicles are located) which is immediately to the right when you pull into camp. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early as we start theater at 2:00 on the dot.

7. Weather

Camp will continue rain or shine. If persistent thunderstorms happen please check your phones and emails as we will call parents and send out an email updating parents if we intend to send campers home. In most cases, if storms pass over relatively quickly, camp will continue as usual. We very rarely end up sending campers home.

8. COVID Policies

A) COVID Waiver: In order to ensure the safety of our campers and staff we are requiring families to print, fill out, and submit the attached COVID waiver on their camper's first day of camp. WAIVERS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO HEAD COUNSELORS ON CAMPERS' FIRST DAY. Your camper can take it directly to their head counselor when they arrive at their tent.

B) Masks: We are not requiring campers or counselors to wear masks this summer. We are, however, asking that each camper bring a mask with them to camp in their backpack. In case of thunder storms all campers and counselors have to congregate inside the barn. In this case we would ask everyone to put their masks on as everyone will be in close proximity indoors. Extra masks will be available.

C) COVID Exposure and Attendance: If a CAMPER, COUNSELOR, OR PERSON RESIDING WITH THEM has symptoms or tests positive for Covid the camper or counselor may not attend camp for the five days from the onset of symptoms, or positive test, (whichever is first) with the first day being Day 0. If positive tests persist after Day 5 the camper or counselor may not return until testing negative. Masking is recommended for the 5 days following Covid isolation. Refunds (on a per diem basis) will be given only if accompanied by a doctors note.

Thank you all for choosing Miss Betty's as the place to spend your summer. We look forward to seeing you all at camp!

Allegra Churchill, Director & Cathy Bodo, Assistant Director

ALL GROUPS ARE FULL. Please add your child to the [Waitlist](https://forms.gle/fmyv9ZqdEe356p7R6). Many circumstances change and we may be able to accomodate many on the waitlist, but we will not know you need a spot unless you add your child. It is time-stamped.

What is Miss Betty's Day Camp Sunshine and fresh air. Freedom to explore art and nature. Swimming in the cool, clear Pickering Creek. Fun and games with friends or relaxing in the shade. That’s the idyllic beauty of Miss Betty's Day Camp.

We welcome CURRENT 1st through 6th Graders as Campers. We cannot accept kindergarten students at this time. Please make sure that you edit the profile for returning campers to select the correct CURRENT grade level.

7th graders are eligible for the volunteer Peace Corps. 8th graders and older to can apply for our Counselor and Staff Positions.

Camp will run Mondays through Fridays, June 20th-July 29th, from 9am-3pm. (Closed July 4th).

Please see our Tuition page for Rates, Refund Policies and Financial Support.

Pickering Grove Park
Route 113 (between Yellow Springs and Pikeland Road)
Chester Springs, PA 19425

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Miss Betty’s Camp is grateful to West Pikeland Township for leasing us the Pickering Grove Park and to French And Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust for holding the Easement on the property.