Camp Families,

Welcome to week #3 of Miss Betty's. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation so far. Check out what we have to offer this week!

Video Links:

Guest of the Week - Our Guest of the week is Musicopia. Check out the link for a great video on Afro-Cuban Dancing.

Yoga with Miss Vicki - Check out Vicki's Yoga video this week as she shares some Mindfulness practices with us.

Miss Cathy's Photo Printing with Turmeric - Check out Miss Cathy's do-it-yourself video on how to use turmeric and rubbing alcohol to do photo printing!

Gimp with Matty - Check out these tutorials on how you can make a camp gimp lanyard at home.

At Home Activities:

Friendship Bracelets - If you've mastered the candy stripe, check out the chevron this week.

Tie-Dye at Home - Rit dye is a great quality dye that you can use at home and find at most craft and fabric stores or online. The Rit website has a store locator you can use to find nearby stores that stock their product and the above link has instructions to follow. I'll repost these tie-dye instructions every week. *Check out Miss Cathy's video of her tie-dying at home.

Card Games - The Bicycle website has a TON of card games and their rules posted in the above link. Try some out with your family and friends.

Gimp Lanyards - Go to pg. 48 this week. It has instructions for the circle stitch (barrel stitch).

Riddle of the Week - What is that which belongs to you but others use more than you?

Last Week's Riddle and Answer - What is as light as a feather but the strongest person can not hold forever? (Answer: Breathe)

Please don't forget to share with us what you are doing at home this summer! Got some content you want to share? Post it to Instagram with the hashtag #missbettysdaycamp so we can repost your content to the main account.

We would also love to hear any feedback you might have. Is there a certain activity at camp you’d like to know more about or ideas you’d like to share? We want to hear them. Email us at or DM our Instagram account at missbettysday (

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation so far. We miss you all and we'll talk to you next week!

Matty Felton

Cathy Bodo