Camp Families,

I hope everyone's summer vacation is going well. As we begin a summer, sadly, without Miss Betty's to look forward to we would like to share a few at-home activities with everyone that you could do at home to keep some of what makes Miss Betty's so special to everyone alive and well inside and outside of your homes. Each week we will provide a variety of different activities with links to websites and videos in order to provide the instruction that you need. Without further ado...

At Home Activities:

Friendship Bracelets - If you're a beginner, I recommend starting with the candy stripe pattern. Even I can do it and I'm a friendship bracelet novice at best.

Tie-Dye at Home - Rit dye is a great quality dye that you can use at home and find at most craft and fabric stores or online. The Rit website has a store locator you can use to find nearby stores that stock their product and the above link has instructions to follow. I'll repost these tie-dye instructions every week.

Card Games - The Bicycle website has a TON of card games and their rules posted in the above link. Try some out with your family and friends.

Gimp Lanyards - The above link will take you to an EXTREMELY comprehensive instruction guide on gimp and gimp weaving. This instruction book is a little dated but has great photos and detailed instruction that makes it easy to follow. I recommend going straight to page 40, as that is where the basic stitches begin. Butterfly stitch (pg. 52) is a great beginner's stitch. Gimp is a little tricky to find at times but most craft stores and Amazon carry it.

Video Links:

Campers, we have created a YouTube channel! You can find us at YouTube Miss Betty's Day Camp. There will be hiking/exploring ideas, some word from Matty, and who knows what else! Please be sure to check our Playlist that is where Yoga with Vicki can be found and Cooking ideas!

Guest of the Week - We will miss Grandpop Bubbles this Year but if you have access to Facebook he has some fun bubbles!   You can make your own bubbles with Dawn dish detergent.

1cup Dawn

1cup light corn syrup

10 cups of water

Use straws, or cut the bottom of a plastic bottle, bend a coat hanger and wrap with cotton string, try  a six pack ring to blow the bubbles, anything with an open center will work to blow your bubbles! Pop Pop Pop!!!

With each newsletter we will include a riddle of the week. The answer to each riddle will be posted in the following weeks newsletter. No cheating! Here comes the first one...

Riddle of the Week - Take one out and scratch my head I am now black but once was red.

Before we say goodbye I just want to remind everyone that we would love to see how you all are spending your summer vacations! Please post your summer experiences on Instagram with the hashtag #missbettysdaycamp. You could post a finished craft from one of the above activities or anything else that you feel represents the spirit of Miss Betty's and summer fun! Don't be shy!

We would also love to hear any feedback you might have. Is there a certain activity at camp you’d like to know more about or ideas you’d like to share? We want to hear them. Email us at or DM our Instagram account at missbettysday (

Here's to making this summer a memorable one and to making the best of a less than ideal situation. Stay safe!

Matty Felton

Cathy Bodo