Camp Families,

As we head into our seventh, and final week of camp, here are a few reminders for any of our new camp families.

  1. What to Bring:

Camp begins at 9AM and ends at 3PM. Everyday the campers need to bring their own lunch, a sturdy pair of shoes (old sneakers are the best), a towel and a change of clothes if they plan on getting in the creek, and a thermos of water. Don't bring anything of substantial value to camp, clothes or otherwise and no electronics. If campers wish to go fishing they must provide their own rods.

  1. Tie Dye Day:

Tuesdays are Tie Dye Day. Each camper will receive a Miss Betty's shirt but please feel free to bring any additional white cotton articles to Tie Dye.

  1. Weather:

Camp will continue come rain or shine. If persistent thunderstorms happen please check your phones and emails as we will call parents and send out a newsletter updating parents if we intend to send campers home. In most cases, if storms pass over relatively quickly, camp will continue as usual. We very rarely end up sending campers home.

  1. Pick Up/Drop Off:

During pick up and drop off the police officers will be doing things a little differently this year. They will now allow traffic to flow in both directions out of the parking lot and will be moving cars in larger groups instead of as they come so please make sure you are moving your cars as efficiently as possible and please make sure you are using your turn signals to let the officers know which way you want to go. When signaled to move up or move to the departure line please make sure you are leaving as little room as possible between your car and the next and please pull up as far as Matty signals you to so we can fit as many cars into the lot as possible. Our goal is to make sure all of our campers get to their cars as quickly and safely as possible so please make sure they are made aware of who will be picking them up as we rely on the campers to be able to identify the vehicle that is picking them up that day. If weather does not permit us to have pick-up on the hill we will dismiss campers from the clay barn. In this case counselors will be in the parking lot to help instruct you on where to go to pick up your campers. During drop off in the morning please make sure your campers are ready to hop out as soon as your car come to a complete stop and please do your best to remain in your vehicle so that we can keep traffic flowing. Please ave your windows rolled down to hear any instructions from Matty. During pick up and drop off, if the main lot begins to fill we will ask cars at the back of the lot to pull into our auxiliary grass parking lot to alleviate congestion on 113. A counselor will direct overflow cars into said lot if necessary.

  1. Pick Up Procedures:

As you pull into the parking lot one of our counselors will direct you on which lane of traffic to enter. Once you approach Matty at the back of the lot he may signal to you with a thumbs up. If you have all of your campers loaded into your car and are ready to pull out you will signal back to Matty with another thumbs up. If you do not have all of your campers loaded into your vehicle you will signal back with a thumbs down. In either case, if Matty signals for you to pull your car up please pull up until he signals you to stop. The cooperation of the local police force is something we are very lucky to have and we would like to make sure we are doing our best to continue that positive relationship. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience during pick up and drop off.

  1. Donations:

We are looking for the following donations for camp: shoe boxes.

  1. Events:

This Friday, Recycled Sounds will be coming to camp to put on a performance for the campers. All final animal adoption forms are due to the Museum by no later than Wednesday.

Some of our camp families are not receiving our newsletters. We have been posting links to any of our newsletters on the homepage next to the map of where Miss Betty's is located. If you know of anyone who is not receiving our emails please pass this information along while we work on resolving our email issues. Thank you for your help and thank you all for choosing Miss Betty's as the place to spend your summer. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and thanks to everyone for another great summer! We hope you all had as much fun as we did and hope to see you all again next summer!

Matty Felton

Cathy Bodo