Camp Families,

Welcome to week #5 of Miss Betty's. Check out what we have to offer this week.

Video Links:

Guest of the Week - Our guest next week will be Allison with the Give and Take Jugglers! She has offered to teach Zoom Juggling/Clowning lessons or just Juggling to those that are interested in signing up!

Dates/Times for the 3 Sessions:

Thursday, July 16th - 10:00 AM session and 1:30 PM session (Just Juggling Classes)

Friday, July 17th - 1:30PM session (Juggling and Clowning Combined)

Each class is 45 minutes. If you are interested in signing up please send us an email at with your name and age and which session you are interested in. The classes are free but are offered on a first come first served basis and slots are limited so act fast! We hope to hear from you soon!

Yoga with Miss Vicki - Check out Vicki's Yoga video this week as she shares Mindful Breathing Practices with us.

Miss Cathy's Food Color Exploration - This week Miss Cathy playing with food coloring. She will dye some eggs and try to put color in flowers. Here is the link! Check our You Tube channel on Thursday to see how we turn hard boiled eggs into Deviled Eggs. Yum!!

Friendship Bracelets with Matty - Try out some simple friendship bracelet stripe stitches and check out how to finish a bracelet.

At Home Activities:

Friendship Bracelets - If you've mastered the candy stripe, check out the chevron this week.

Tie-Dye at Home - Rit dye is a great quality dye that you can use at home and find at most craft and fabric stores or online. The Rit website has a store locator you can use to find nearby stores that stock their product and the above link has instructions to follow. I'll repost these tie-dye instructions every week. *Check out Miss Cathy's video of her tie-dying at home.

Card Games - The Bicycle website has a TON of card games and their rules posted in the above link. Try some out with your family and friends.

Gimp Lanyards - This week you might want to try out the Butterfly Stitch on Pg. 52, the Spiral Braid Stitch on Pg. 57 (this one is challenging for me), or the Brick Stitch on Pg. 72.

Riddle of the Week - What can travel around the world but stays in a corner?

Last Week's Riddle and Answer - The root tops the trunk on this backward thing, that grows in the winter and dies in the spring. (Answer: An Icicle)

Please don't forget to share with us what you are doing at home this summer! Got some content you want to share? Post it to Instagram with the hashtag #missbettysdaycamp so we can repost your content to the main account.

We would also love to hear any feedback you might have. Is there a certain activity at camp you’d like to know more about or ideas you’d like to share? We want to hear them. Email us at or DM our Instagram account at missbettysday (

Don't forget to wear your masks, wash your hands, and have fun this summer! Stay safe everyone!

Matty Felton

Cathy Bodo